Why Do Sales Training Programs Fail?

Based on decades of experience in the personal and professional development industry, the Tramazing team is uniquely positioned to provide contextual and relevant guidance in selecting the right training partner, manage the selected training program, and drive and support reinforcement.

Lack of Leadership Support

Management & Leadership are not fully sold on the selected training program!

Sales Savvy Point of Contact

There is no primary owner or point of contact to interact with the training partner. And/or one that has been in sales and who truly understands sales and sales process.

Universal Approach

One size doesn’t fit all – It just doesn’t work anymore for organizations with multi-generational sales organizations, multiple lines of business, and multi-national sales forces.

Commitment to Reinforcement

Reinforcement gets a lot of attention in the decision making process, but becomes a “nice to have” when it should be a “have to have.”


Training is under-budgeted, thus, the investment is misaligned with outcome expectations.


Complicated, customized and over-architected programs become too difficult for people to embrace; they revert to their comfort zone and their old way of selling.

Selective Emphasis

Focus only on techniques and skills, no consideration towards behaviors, attitudes and age-groups, language and cultural nuances.

The Masses

Trying to train everyone on everything; Not everyone is ready; Not everyone needs training; Choose wisely where to invest your training dollars.

No Clarity

Confusion between training, desired results, and compensation expectations/ROI expectations.

Not Considering All Options

Selection of a poor training partner can set your organization back, instead of moving you forward.

Knowledge Transfer

Critical to the success of any training program, is turning over knowledge of existing best practices, previous training that is working, product information, industry trends – all of this has to be collected and transferred to the training partner BEFORE training begins.

Not Following Best Practices

1. Content must be simple yet transformative.
2. Learning must be relevant to the learner.
3. Reinforcement and sustainability measures that drive success.
4. Consistency of trainers and training experience.

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