Which Side Are You On?

As I sat outside enjoying my morning coffee and reading the news, the calm and normalcy of my day was interrupted by several people walking in my direction. They were easy enough to notice, as they were wearing hats showing who they supported, and they had big buttons pinned to their jacket making it very clear whose side they were on. And if that wasn’t enough, they marched down the street shouting at all those who they believed were against them.

Thinking that the commotion would pass, and I could get on with a quiet cup of coffee and some reading time, things only became more interesting. Coming from the opposite direction was another group of people wearing hats and buttons, even carrying flags and pennants that made it clear that they were in complete opposition of the first group.

As I sized up the situation, it became abundantly clear that their paths would collide right in front of me. A few people seated at the other tables on the patio became a little anxious. Some seemed ready to jump in and pick a side. Looking at what both groups represented, I realized that I didn’t support either one. I didn’t have a dog in this hunt, as some might say.

As one group drew closer from my right, I could hear the taunting getting louder. As the other group approached from my left, the name-calling started. It appeared that things were going to get ugly and get ugly fast. Those that were a little anxious made the move back inside the coffee shop. And those customers who just a few minutes earlier were sitting quietly sipping on coffee began getting fired up and moved closer to the oncoming fray. With limited options, I was forced to decide. I secured my coffee with one hand, pocketed my phone with the other, and prepared to escape…

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It’s Time for Some Main Street Magic

As the weather continues to improve each week and spring is in full bloom, it is the perfect time to visit and support our local Main Street, experiencing the magic that a beautiful walk down the center of town can provide.

There are certain shops that just seem to provide us with those “feel good” moments. The local florists are usually a great place to start our journey, especially if we want to fill our senses with the fragrant beauty that fills the air in and around the shop. It’s also a wonderful idea to share a little demonstration of love by picking up some flowers for someone special in our life.

I have heard it said that if you want to be happy, buy an ice cream shop. Well, the next best thing to owning an ice cream shop is to stop in and grab a frozen treat. It’s almost impossible to visit an ice cream shop and not smile. One of my very favorite things to see is the joy of families and children sharing the joy that ice cream can create. And the ice cream faces of the children as they work through the deliciousness melting all over their hands, face, and clothes is always so much fun.

And if it’s not the flowers or ice cream that helps create a little magic, I am pretty confident that pizza might do the trick. Or starting the day with a breakfast at one of the local diners, coffee shops, or restaurants. And if it’s a midday visit, our local eateries always have something to fill our hearts and bellies with sensational meals. And there is possibly no better way to wind down the day of shopping on Main Street than stopping in for a little liquid refreshment at happy hour or sticking around for the dinner specials created by our favorite local chefs.

It is said that it is better to give than to receive. There is probably someone in our circle of friends or in our family that has a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone coming up in and where a thoughtful gift is in order. As we stroll along Main Street, there may be a few shops that we haven’t visited in a while, and they just might have that perfect gift we have been searching for…

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