SHIFT brings to organizations a methodology that leverages workforce assessments and management workshops to empower leaders to understand their people, get everyone in alignment and moving toward continued success. SHIFT’s leaders are deeply committed to collaborations that lead to ideas and solutions that make a meaningful difference—such as innovation, increased productivity, and enhanced systems.  We team with like-minded leaders who have a growth, not fixed, mindset who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, effective strategies, and input from others.

Understanding and optimizing your current team or finding your next great employee shouldn’t be a fraught-filled journey. We make it easy to hire quickly and confidently, by comparing your candidate pipeline against your pre-defined behavioral and cognitive job requirements.  With this, you’ll be hiring—and coaching—smart in no time.  SHIFT is a Predictive Index Master Training Center, including Certified Trainers, which offers a robust curriculum of instructor-led management training workshops to ensure the PI methodology is integrated deep into the cultural fabric of your organization.

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