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Hope, Habits, and Happiness

Tramazing Resource Blog Hope, Habits, and Happiness The Right Question Requires the Right Response A…

The Right Question Requires the Right Response

A nagging and recurring elbow injury had finally forced my hand to seek medical attention. After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon, the diagnosis was more than tennis elbow or bursitis, it was a situation that would require surgery to fix. With surgery come the pre-operative exams such as blood work, chest X-ray, and EKG. Additionally,…

Merging onto the Highway of Grace

A friend of mine had recently posted his frustrations about someone not thanking him for allowing them to merge into the traffic ahead of him. No wave, no thank you, they just moved on and into the flow of traffic. Have you been there? Have you found yourself more agitated these days, letting some of…

The Power of Accountability

Accountability is one of those words that gets a lot of attention, however it also receives a fair amount of avoidance. I mean it’s great when we can hold others accountable for doing what they say they will do and then actually getting it done; but when it’s time for others to hold us accountable,…

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Hope, Habits, and Happiness

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The Right Question Requires the Right Response

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The "Ifications" of Selling

While most salespeople and sales managers focus on a sales methodology, their biggest challenge is qualification. To increase sales, there are 15 "Ification" principles you should be following to see better results. Don’t complicate the uncomplicated as you follow the rules to sales success.
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