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Behavior change is our focus. Training is the vehicle. We have a complete learning system, delivered in-person and virtually, with robust reinforcement and execution assurance, so learning happens over time and drives top performance.

As an industry-leading sales training company, RAIN Group has been named to both Selling Power and Training Industries’ Top 20 Sales Training Companies lists and has won prestigious Stevie Awards for Sales Training Practice of the Year and Sales Trainer of the Year.

Several RAIN Group clients have been recognized by the Stevie Awards for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year.

RAIN Group can help unleash sales potential by: 

  • Enhancing sales capabilities with award-winning sales training that changes behavior and leads to top performance.
  • Designing and executing strategic account management initiatives.
  • Developing and improving sales strategy, structure, process, messaging, and talent.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of sales management.
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