Fantail Services

Fantail Services provides a team of professionals experienced in all facets of teamwork, concepts, and leadership. We serve all industries where teamwork must work to be successful; this includes, but is not limited to energy, healthcare, transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. Fantail focuses on the team and an individual’s personal development, leadership skills, processes, and safety.

Fantail aims to change company culture, to where turning problems into positives will help achieve your goals. Fantail’s brand is centered around a fantail on a windmill, providing direction and power to produce the desired outcome. Our colors represent the sunrise of a new day, starting fresh and challenging the day to make a difference in our work and lives, where people become partners in achieving our goals. We use our clients’ tools and programs to develop a work force that is “effective, efficient, and empowered”.

Fantail Services strives to be a valued and trusted partner in everything we do. Our commitment is to pass on our decades of experience in leadership and build process improvement tools for individuals and your teams to support your mission, vision, and strategy. We focus your team on “a roadmap” to achieving their goals based on your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Let Fantail Services help you turn your problems into opportunities and chart your course.

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