Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Transfer

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Reason #11: Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Transfer Reason #11: Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Transfer Relevancy drives active participation. Programs tend to fail when the trainer or training organization and the client skip the critical step in discovery to share current best practices, previous training ideas and concepts [...]

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Not Considering All Options

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Not Considering All Options Reason #10: Not Considering All Options As companies recognize that they need, or should implement a sales or sales management training program, the conversations that take place include the possibility of using a training organization that they have used in the past, or [...]

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No Clarity

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - No Clarity Reason #9: No Clarity Imagine you could accelerate your decision-making process around sales training, there by accelerating the success of launch of the right sales training, and ultimately accelerate your revenue. To learn more about how we help companies expedite the decision-making by helping them [...]

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The Masses

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - The Masses Reason #8: The Masses Does it always make sense to train everyone on the sales team the same program or content? There are some companies who believe that they must include everyone as they plan for sales training. The goal might be to develop a [...]

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Selective Emphasis

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Selective Emphasis Reason #7: Selective Emphasis When there is a perceived need for sales training it usually is driven by someone believing there is a lack of skill or technique in certain areas. Some might believe that parts of the sales organization struggle with the front end [...]

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Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Over-Reaching Reason #6: Over-Reaching Customizing or personalizing a program makes so much sense these days as sales teams want relevancy in the classroom and buyers want to engage with well-educated and well-trained selling professionals. The intent for both training providers and organizations to meet this need is [...]



Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Not Budgeted Properly Reason #5: Not Budgeted Properly How much does a sales training program cost? That is really the wrong question, isn’t it? After all, many times the reason that a sales training program fails is because it was never properly budgeted from the beginning. And [...]


Commitment to Reinforcement

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Commitment to Reinforcement Reason #4: Commitment to Reinforcement In the early days of planning to buy, build, and implement a sales training solution, organizations include reinforcement as a “must have” in order to make sure the training sticks and that the sales teams adopt and use the [...]

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Universal Approach

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Universal Approach Reason #3: Universal Approach If there is one thing companies should consider when launching a sales training program is that a “one size fits all” approach may not work. There are so many factors that go into deciding who we should have participate in the [...]

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Sales Savvy Point of Contact

Why Sales Training Programs Fail - Sales Savvy Point of Contact Reason #2: Sales Savvy Point of Contact Now that the decision has been made to move forward with a sales training initiative, the budget has been approved, the training partner selected, all that is left to do is assign the project to [...]

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