Our revolutionary process identifies, attracts, hires, accurately measures and guarantees the quality of your hire – all at significant savings over traditional contingent recruiters.

Titus Talent was born out of frustration with traditional recruiting. The process was broken and needed fixing.  From charging clients a percentage of first year salary to focusing on candidates before clients, our CEO knew this way of doing business didn’t produce the right results or create lasting partnerships.

The Predictive Index puts you—and your fellow leaders—in the driver’s seat so you can control outcomes and steer your company in the right direction. With confidence.

The Predictive Index can help you design amazing teams, hire the best talent, inspire employees, and measure engagement.

Simply put, participants quickly adapt to DISC and use it comfortably. However, there are people who justifiably believe that the DISC tools lack depth. The challenge often cited with DISC assessments is that they primarily focus on what the respondents thinks they need to be in their current work role. Consequently, the results, which are like a snapshot in time, can change over time. 

What makes the Extended DISC® tool different is its ability to measure the hard-wired DISC-style. This means the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs or wants to be. As a result, Extended DISC® identifies the true strengths and developmental areas to allow for accurate performance improvement.