My vision is to see more women be bold, step forward, and be heard in the board room and beyond.  I am an advocate for supporting and encouraging women to pursue their dreams and recognize their potential. Everyone in the organization should be recognized for their talent, have the opportunity to hone their skills, and be celebrated for the value they bring each and every day.

Engaging with clients and teams remotely is familiar territory.  While nothing replaces face to face, there are creative ways to keep people motivated, engaged and feel valued.  Building trust is my number one priority.  

Throughout the 25 + years in a leadership role I have provided support and guidance to direct reports to enhance their leadership skills and continue to advance in their roles.  For four years working at Protravel International, I collaborated with my direct reports and collectively we supported independent business owners, providing guidance with tools, technology, data reporting, financial review and marketing initiatives to support their business objectives.

Certified Professional and Master Business Coach

Skilled in Project Management

Program Consulting

Hospitality Specialist

Training and Onboarding

My purpose is to connect people with other people that have a commonalty and a commitment in the work they do. My promise is to hold people accountable to accomplish their goals.

Lean In, Be heard, Be Inspired and Celebrate Success.

For over 2 decades I’ve been fortunate to have been able to help countless individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough results both personally & professionally. Being a nationally recognized expert on Peak Performance, Sales, and, Career Coaching is nice, but helping my clients accelerate and maximize their success and live better, richer, and more fulfilled lives — that’s what it’s all about!

Whether it’s helping my clients take their business to the next level, or, helping an individual get the job of his/her dreams (fast), be assured that when you work with me, you’ll get tried and proven strategies, principles and practices that flat-out work! Here are a few companies that have put my 30+ years experience of delivering extraordinary results into practice: Aflac, Primerica, Marriott & many more.

I’ve worked as a cook, busboy, shoe salesman, and CEO. I’ve had my share of setbacks, as well as, achievements. I’ve made millions and lost millions. And, have had a failed marriage. It’s those experiences that shaped who I am and how I help my clients transform and achieve more.

And some of those experiences are pretty legendary. Whether it’s my stint on the hit TV Show American Gladiators, the millions I sold to the Trump Organization, or how I took on the giant Xerox corporation and kicked their butt, my clients can count on my message being real, relevant & relatable…always moving the needle in performance!

David Wendkos

Having spent over 30 years in sales, management, and leadership, and more than a decade in training and development, David’s helped a wide array of professionals achieve and surpass their goals, along with those of their organizations, while at the same time, enjoying their lives more fully than ever before.

A serial entrepreneur, David’s record is one of consistent success, having owned and operated businesses in numerous industries, including a new car dealership, a landscape & architectural lighting firm, and a Sandler Training franchise.

During his time with Sandler, David’s clientele ranged from individual entrepreneurs to large enterprises with revenue in the billions and spanned more than 25 different industry verticals.

He trained, coached, and mentored at every level, from front line staff to members of the C-Suite. Utilizing time tested, proven systems and processes, David called on his knowledge, skills, and expertise to address individual and organizational growth and development challenges, particularly in areas like leadership, sales, and revenue generation, along with communication skills, customer care, staffing, and management. 

Most recently, David founded The Lead Rhino, through which he and his team work with clients to identify and implement the most effective tools, tactics, and processes for maximizing their success in online business efforts. 

David’s been a featured guest on multiple national podcasts, served as a keynote speaker for local, national, and international events, and he’s hosted webinars drawing attendees from around the globe.

David holds a B.A. in Economics from Emory University, where he also earned multiple All-Conference honors as a member of the school’s NCAA swim team. Raised just outside Philadelphia on the Main Line, today David lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife, Rayna, his children, Lindsey and Evan, and his dog, Cosmo.

Joy Clausen Soto

When Joy was twenty-four years old, she decided to leave her dream job working with dolphins in order to pursue a career in filmmaking. Three months into film school, Joy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer, and had to drop out of film school.

Everything she knew changed, but one thing remained constant… the camera.

Joy recorded everything, from her first diagnosis of cancer with a high survival rate to the changed diagnosis of a more aggressive type of cancer with a lower survival rate.

Joy didn’t let the cancer diagnosis end her dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

She was able to find a way to maintain control over her story during a time in her life when she had very little control.

Joy went on to found the annual Children’s Hospital dolphin interaction at SeaWorld San Diego. She has inspired people to find ways to get back control of their lives and to pursue their dreams.

Joy has shared her story on the TEDx stage, ABC, NBC, FOX News, Telemundo, Univision, and KPBS.

Alon Zaibert

Alon Zaibert is a relationship-driven sales executive and a keynote speaker who successfully harnesses his energetic personality and interpersonal psychology skills.

Along with a track record of significant bottom-line results and decades of management experience, Alon has earned the reputation of a highly impactful motivational leader. 

His passions for inspiring people, establishing processes, and building authentic business relationships are truly unique.

Tapping into his infectious energy and positive attitude, Alon teaches his clients to find their own power.

Alon’s gift of storytelling is evident in his popular blog, “Two Weeks’ Notice – A Touch of Emotional Relevance Every Couple of Weeks,” where he brings to life examples of relationship building and Emotional Relevance™. 

After many years of studying American culture, Alon has learned to view the nuances of his teachings through intercultural and interpersonal perspectives.

He’s a multifaceted talent who loves engaging an audience with his singing and was once a professional basketball player overseas. 

Lisa Marie David is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Her passion and mission are to bring the Ziglar life-changing, principal-based training programs to organizations looking to produce long-term, voluntary change in the attitudes and behavior of the team members.

Lisa is one of only 300 Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers in the world.

She carries on the Ziglar legacy by using her certification to help companies and individuals in the areas of personal growth and development, building winning relationships, and leadership skills for success.

Recently, Lisa earned her Virtual Presenter Certification with eSpeakers and has been hosting on-line events empowering individuals and teams to go to the next level of performance using the Ziglar principles of success.

She has been in the field of training since the early ‘90s when she started with the Dale Carnegie organization and all throughout her career in corporate America.

Lisa completed her degree at the University of Memphis with a BS in Marketing. She is also a graduate of the Cathcart Institute in Relationship Intelligence.

Lisa enjoys boating, biking, and her beloved dog Bailey!

Gordon Tschritter

Co-founder of Fantail Services

Prior to co-founding Fantail Services, and joining Tramazing as a consultant, coach, and partner, Gordon Tschritter was a recognized leader in the oil and gas business drilling and completion industry for over forty years. He has worked in more than twenty countries around the globe, worked with and lead teams that had very diverse cultures spoke multiple languages, and had various levels of education.

As a leader, he was always able to earn the respect and trust of each team while helping them to accomplish some amazing tasks.

Gordon has managed offshore drilling facilities with 75 to 250 personnel on board while drilling, completing, and producing hydrocarbons simultaneously, with safety, efficiency, and working as a team, which are all essential in every industry.

Additionally, he has managed offshore teams drilling some of the most challenging wells in deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico to depths of 37,000+ft in 180 days for a cost of $210 million, these wells were on budget and top quartile performance and completed with top safety performance.

To further complement his already successful career and to help others achieve success, Gordon took the time to build upon his leadership and training experience in the oil and gas industry by becoming a Ziglar Legacy Certified (ZLC) trainer and a John Maxwell Certified trainer. By adding these two exceptional certifications to his long list of accomplishments, Gordon brings his experience, qualifications, wisdom, and passion for being a difference-maker to each client engagement he delivers.

John Minyard

Vice President / Co-Founder of Fantail Services.

With his almost four decades of executive leadership and team-building experience, John provides his clients with the clear direction they need to achieve their goals and objectives. As Vice President of Fantail Services LLC, and as a Tramazing consultant, coach, and partner, John’s guarantee to each company he serves is unwavering commitment to provide each client with the purpose and direction necessary in their pursuit of success.

John served over 29 years in the United States Navy, as the 15th Fleet Master Chief.

He was the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Commander US Pacific Fleet, the largest fleet command in the world. He led over 140,000 Sailors, Marines and Civilians before retiring with honorable and faithful service in 2013.

For the last seven years, John has worked as a Project Manager and Coach for a consulting company, leading projects throughout North America for worldwide oil and gas operations.

He was recognized as “Coach of the year” among his peers due to his leadership and coaching skills.

He is known for his guidance to get inside organizations and improve their leadership development. He incorporates how to fine-tune operational methods. This saves millions of dollars in valuable equipment, property but most importantly saving lives.

John is a graduate and was a four-year veteran Instructor at the US Navy Fighter Weapons School “TOPGUN”, As an alumnus of the US Senior Enlisted Academy and the National Defense University’s Keystone Course, his passion is assisting individuals and teams achieve their goals to become successful in business and life.

Brisa Renteria

Brisa has spent the majority of her career in the sales consulting and training industry where she helped clients implement sales processes and sales training programs to help them increase performance.

However, she quickly learned…

That having sales processes and a sales training program will not be as effective if companies don’t have the right sales talent in place.

Brisa’s true passion is to save companies thousands of dollars and months of frustration by introducing them to a sales selection process that makes the right sales hire 99% of the time. She has helped organizations all over the U.S avoid costly hiring mistakes by implementing and effectively executing a sales recruitment process that attracts only the best sales professionals.

Brisa is a first-generation college graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She has been featured in radio and print.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, and enjoys fundraising for Wipe Out Kid’s Cancer.

L'areal Lipkins Consultant, Coach, & Solution Partner

L’areal Lipkins is a sales expert, consultant, speaker, and trainer with over eleven years of experience helping companies create high performing sales teams.

What sets L’areal apart isn’t just her experience working with companies in more than 50 industries, but her ability to make sales simple and repeatable.

Some of the companies L’areal has worked with include Wells Fargo, Sprint, Lennox, and Aflac.

L’areal has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of North Texas, and a MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas.