2020 Might Have Won, and 2021 Has Just Begun

2020 Might Have Won, and 2021 Has Just Begun A friend of mine is an expert in emotional relevance. His name is Alon Zaibert and he writes a terrific blog. In a blog that he wrote just before Christmas, Alon visits the topic of identifying and embracing the struggles we all face. “It [...]

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Prepare To Be TramazEd!

Zealic and Tramazing Have Formed a Powerful Partnership Changing the Way We Sell Requires Transforming the Way Salespeople Experience Training. Tramazing and Zealic Solutions have entered into a partnership to engineer a completely new, more efficient way to train salespeople. A way that builds upon the recognized elements of successful sales training [...]

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5 Common Reasons Buyers Don’t Buy

5 Common Reasons Buyers Don't Buy The good news is your customers and prospects are still buying! The other good news is that we also understand why they don’t buy. In recent research and conversations with our Tramazing partners, prospects, and customers, we have identified five common reasons why they [...]

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Slowing Down to Speed Up

Slowing Down to Speed Up Having always been a proponent of the leadership concept, slowing down to speed up, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.  I learned this concept early in my career as a young manager and professional trainer and facilitator of the Ken Blanchard “Situational Leadership” curriculum.  Having spent [...]

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