A few years ago, I had the opportunity to be a passenger in my friend’s Porsche 911 as he demonstrated how fast going from zero to 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds feels. And I will share with you that it was quite exhilarating.

In late 2020, I was reminded that I would be turning 59 years old this year. And then it dawned on me, I would be turning 60 in 2022. Simple math right. Where has the time gone — I mean sometimes it feels like I went from 0 to 59 years old in 3 seconds too. And then I remembered a famous quote by Michael Altshuler,

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Michael Altshuler

When I realized that I had 60 weeks to go until I turned 60, I knew I could no longer be a passenger, I had to get into the cockpit and take control over what happens next. With that inspiration, I wrote out my “60 to 60 Success Plan for Life.” The plan was built around one primary question,

“How do I want to arrive to the party when I turn 60?”

I will share with you that as I developed my plan, I solicited feedback from family members, friends and advisers. And although my personal plan was a “60 weeks to 60 years old” plan, I had people ask me to help them with their “30 weeks to turning 30 years old” plan, “42 days to turning 42 years old,” and someone who wanted help with a “30, 60, 90-day success” plan that had nothing to do with reaching an age milestone, and everything to do with making changes in their life that would help them to succeed personally and professionally.

Here are the elements of my 60 to 60 plan that I shared with others. You will recognize activities, concepts, and attitudinal adjustments around the things that I either wanted to change and would commit to change, or new strategies that would help me execute against my plan and reach my desired goals…

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My vision is to see more women be bold, step forward, and be heard in the board room and beyond.  I am an advocate for supporting and encouraging women to pursue their dreams and recognize their potential. Everyone in the organization should be recognized for their talent, have the opportunity to hone their skills, and be celebrated for the value they bring each and every day.

Engaging with clients and teams remotely is familiar territory.  While nothing replaces face to face, there are creative ways to keep people motivated, engaged and feel valued.  Building trust is my number one priority.  

Throughout the 25 + years in a leadership role I have provided support and guidance to direct reports to enhance their leadership skills and continue to advance in their roles.  For four years working at Protravel International, I collaborated with my direct reports and collectively we supported independent business owners, providing guidance with tools, technology, data reporting, financial review and marketing initiatives to support their business objectives.

Certified Professional and Master Business Coach

Skilled in Project Management

Program Consulting

Hospitality Specialist

Training and Onboarding

My purpose is to connect people with other people that have a commonalty and a commitment in the work they do. My promise is to hold people accountable to accomplish their goals.

Lean In, Be heard, Be Inspired and Celebrate Success.

For over 2 decades I’ve been fortunate to have been able to help countless individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough results both personally & professionally. Being a nationally recognized expert on Peak Performance, Sales, and, Career Coaching is nice, but helping my clients accelerate and maximize their success and live better, richer, and more fulfilled lives — that’s what it’s all about!

Whether it’s helping my clients take their business to the next level, or, helping an individual get the job of his/her dreams (fast), be assured that when you work with me, you’ll get tried and proven strategies, principles and practices that flat-out work! Here are a few companies that have put my 30+ years experience of delivering extraordinary results into practice: Aflac, Primerica, Marriott & many more.

I’ve worked as a cook, busboy, shoe salesman, and CEO. I’ve had my share of setbacks, as well as, achievements. I’ve made millions and lost millions. And, have had a failed marriage. It’s those experiences that shaped who I am and how I help my clients transform and achieve more.

And some of those experiences are pretty legendary. Whether it’s my stint on the hit TV Show American Gladiators, the millions I sold to the Trump Organization, or how I took on the giant Xerox corporation and kicked their butt, my clients can count on my message being real, relevant & relatable…always moving the needle in performance!

If someone were asked to recall the last thing that you had ever said to them, what would you hope those words would be?

Famous last words are not just for the famous, and they are also not only limited to the dying. We all have something to say these days, don’t we? And our famous last words may not really be our final last words, they might just be our last words for now.

We know what this sounds like when we are in a disagreement, one of us might say something like, “That’s it, end of conversation.” The last words. It’s not that the last word has to be contentious either, no, far from it. The last words could sound like, “I love you too.” And those are much nicer and warmer last words.

If we were to think back on a few of our most recent conversations, we might be able to relate to this as we can probably recall exactly what someone said before we parted company, ended a telephone conversation, or signed off on an email or text. Now, if we take another minute to imagine how others are reflecting on the last thing that they heard or read from us, would we be satisfied with what we said, or would we want a do-over?…

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“Play ball!” As Major League Baseball celebrates another opening day this week, there will be 15 ceremonial first pitches and 15 official first pitches. Whether we are baseball fans or not, we all understand what the first pitch is and how we typically see a celebrity or local hero invited to throw that first ceremonial baseball before the game gets underway.

The pitcher of the home team will have the responsibility of throwing the first pitch to officially start the game. They have worked hard in the offseason and spring training. And they have studied their opponent’s lineup, coming up with a game plan with their coaches and catcher to determine which pitch to throw to each batter and in each situation.

However, the first thing they must do is get that first pitch in play as adrenaline and anxiousness compete for the athlete’s mindset and physicality.

Odds are strongly in the pitcher’s favor that the first pitch of the season will not be a home run. Their primary goal is to toss a strike or put the ball in play for an easy out. Early confidence builders are always helpful in any sport, and in anything we are doing in life.

Now let’s think about the other side of this…

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One of the things that I have learned many years ago is that we should never assume, that at any given moment, the person we are speaking with or communicating with does not need a word of encouragement or appreciation. And whether we are in the same boat or not, receiving a little positive feedback never hurt any of us, has it?

Just imagine for a moment that someone we work with, maybe a customer, or even a close friend who we know and trust, said to us, “I think that you are tremendously amazing.”

My guess is that it would probably feel pretty good. That one statement, said in less than two seconds, could be a game-changer to anyone who receives such an impactful message.

Just like offering kindness, giving a well-deserved compliment costs us absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, most times providing sincere praise provides a huge return of appreciation, loyalty and trust. Notice the word sincere. When we share with someone our gratitude for their friendship, guidance, service or presence in our lives, it must be because we are truly grateful and because they are, tremendously amazing.

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What do we tend to enjoy more, remembering our greatest hits, our “best of” moments, or our bloopers? It seems like most of the people I asked preferred to reflect on their greatest hits and most significant accomplishments. However, there were also many people who shared that they love to laugh, even when it means laughing at themselves. They completely enjoy their flashbacks of mistakes, gaffs, and harmless miscues of life.

We all have a replay button for our lives. It’s what we choose to rewind and replay, and what we want to repeat, or perhaps, avoid repeating in the future.

I think it is a fantastic idea to look back on past successes, especially as a way of reminding ourselves of the good things we have accomplished and what we are still capable of achieving. I also am a big believer of looking back in laughter. Those times where we innocently tried to say something and used the wrong words, made a silly analogy, or know that we uttered something outrageously wrong. Others laughed with us, and we still laugh at ourselves today…

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Hailey Pasterchick

As a Marketing Coordinator, Hailey tackles everything creative to keep the tramazing brand growing and polished. She is well-versed in Social Media and Personal Brand Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Design, as well as Project Coordination.

Although Hailey is a little “newer” to the game, she has held multiple Creative Marketing and Leadership roles, including Social Media Marketing for Pace University’s Media Communications and Visual Arts Department, Director of Photography and Editor on a Baptismal Project for The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey Conference – Mission & Resource Center, and Leadership Counseling for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Additionally, she is certified by Hubspot in multiple marketing tools.

Hailey holds a BS in Digital Cinema, Filmmaking and Media Communications from Pace University in New York, and graduated cum laude. She is also a member of Lambda Pi Eta, National Communications Honors Society.

Kim Norton CXO

Kim is a business-savvy HR / Learning & Development Business Partner with 15 years of experience in Corporate America and a solid commitment to delivering consistent, innovative, and effective solutions. She is accomplished in instructional & curriculum design, program implementation, workshop facilitation, and coaching through assessments to improve communication and personal & professional development opportunities that support the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Kim is a certified Professional Human Resource Management (PHR) with a passion for Training Program Design, Performance Management, and Learning & Development Strategy. She has excellent interpersonal and relationship motivation skills and brings a straightforward, executable and simple approach to each project she manages or session she facilitates.

Kim has personally built and managed teams, established playbooks for success, and fostered a department culture of providing extraordinary support & service in order to offer best-in-class service. She has worked with various business teams to establish better relationships (internal and external), increase communication, minimize conflict and improve customer relationships.

In her last role, Kim was the Vice President of Account Management for Sandler Training, a recognized leader in the learning and development industry with more than 250 training locations around the globe.

Kim personally managed programs with global organizations such as Indeed, Dropbox, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Watlow, and Not-for-Profit organizations such as the Girl Scouts of the USA. Prior to that, she leveraged the entrepreneurial culture within a multi-billion dollar organization to establish and lead the performance of two functional teams that supported and encouraged personal and professional development by providing employees a more in-depth understanding of Leadership and Management. She designed & implemented a global Leadership Development Program and personally facilitated over 2500 hours of related content and coaching in the United States, England, Europe, and Asia to over 1500 leaders within the organization.

Michael Norton

Michael Norton has been a student of the game for 30+ years and loves to study how salespeople learn and behave. Michael has started two companies with the sole purpose of accelerating sales success (Aggregating training content from the best resources in the industry).

He was one of the earliest pioneers of micro-learning, short-form, on-demand training, just-in-time learning solutions, and finding ways to integrate learning into existing workflows and technology such as CRM and LMS platforms.

Michael served as the Vice President of Sales and the President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation. Michael was the Executive Vice President of Sandler Global Accounts. Both of these positions, Ziglar and Sandler, in addition to his two start-up companies, exposed him to opportunities to work with and/or compete with most of the companies in the training industry. He has built, designed, and delivered programs for large enterprise customers and small and medium-sized businesses.

During his career Michael has worked with, and developed programs for Hay Group, Cemex, Boral, KONE, Quest, Cardinal Health, United States Army National Guard, Dell, Evonik, 7-Up, WebMD, and other world-class organizations.

Additionally, Michael has designed and delivered completely customized in-house programs. Most of all Michael Norton has a great appreciation and respect for all of the companies in this industry and for all those who choose to develop excellence in themselves and others.