Accountability by any Other Name is Still Accountability

CEO and Founder at Tramazing, former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, and former Executive Vice President of Sandler Corporate Training, Michael Norton has helped companies accelerate their growth by elevating their talent through learning and development programs. Michael has had the pleasure of working with world-class companies such as Siemens Healthcare, WebMD, 7-Up, Cardinal Health, Cemex, Boral, HPE, Indeed, Lonza, KONE, Evonik, Quest Software, Dell, Anixter, and many more. for 30+ years he has developed, written, delivered, reinforced, and sold sales and sales management training programs that deliver real ROI while fitting into a company's culture, processes, daily sales workflow, and budget.

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“There I was, alone in the kitchen, 30 days into the New Year and my personal goal of shedding 25 pounds by the summer. Working from home has been a gift and a struggle. Like most, the ease of slipping into comfortable routines and working on my own schedule is a gift, especially managing work and a family. My hours, my time. However, the other thing that became too easy was finding a little snack between meals, or even an extra treat at night. Hence the 25 pounds I now need to lose. When I read your article this week about ‘The Power of Accountability,’ and the idea of having accountability partners for different aspects of your life, I thought what a great idea. And then it hit me like a box of hidden Girl Scout cookies falling on my head. Before I go in search of any accountability partner, I need to start by looking in the mirror. I need to hold myself accountable before I ask anyone else to hold me accountable, because Mr. Norton, accountability by any other name is still accountability. Thank you, and I will email you again as I shed these pandemic pounds.”


Each week as I read and respond to the emails from our community, I find myself feeling that all of you wind up motivating and inspiring me with your stories of personal achievement. And thank you Rebecca for the inspiration for this column…

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