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Training Philosophy

It’s not really the content, the program, or the system that is better than any other program; the success of the program is driven by the system that is:

A Cultural Fit

Embraced, Supported and Coached to by Managers

Adopted and Used Consistently

Delivers Results

Meets Budget Expectations

The Leadership Team

Michael Norton

Founder & CEO

Kim Norton

PHR – Founder & CXO

Hailey Pasterchick

Marketing Coordinator

Dan Carusi

Talent Development & Sales Transformation

Sharon Smart

Performance Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator

John Minyard

Consultant, Coach, & Partner

Gordon Tschritter

Consultant, Coach, & Partner

Tracy Tibedo

Advisor, Curriculum Development and Program Strategy

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At Tramazing, our mission is to help our clients accelerate success. We match organizations looking to improve performance with the right training solutions partner. Additionally, the Tramazing team can help to develop internal programs and manage ROI achievement and the roadmap to drive reinforcement and support sustainability.

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